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The Rutgers Executive Leadership Program for Women

The Rutgers Executive Leadership Program,  a collaboration among the Institute for Women's Leadership, the Center for Women and Work, and Next Level Leadership, Inc., Brigid Moynahan President, is not being offered this year.  After over sixteen years of success in empowering women to advance within corporations, we are pausing this program to explore multiple ways to address women's leadership needs in today's rapidly changing work environments. 

Research indicates that women's under-representation in leadership can be addressed when both companies and individuals understand the challenges and are committed to making change.  Participants in the Rutgers Executive Leadership Program have been the subject of two Rutgers studies:  Female Executives’ Strategies for Success: Interviews with Graduates of the Rutgers Executive Leadership Program for Women  and Reimagining Work and Community,  a study that examines how professional women can use their talents to strengthen their communities.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new program Leadership Development for Early Career Women  (fall 2016.) This program is an extension of our learning opportunities for corporate and professional women.  Early career is a critically important time for potential women leaders to identify and develop the skills needed to advance and map potential pathways to the top. This certificate program boosts the talent channel by addressing that need at both the individual and organizational level.  For more information contact Connie A. Ellis, Director of Corporate Programs.