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Alison R. Bernstein Media Mentoring Program


Q: Who is able to participate as a mentee in the program?
A: Mentee participants must be Rutgers alumnae who are at least 1-5 years out of college and pursuing careers within media, information technology or journalism.

Q: Who are the mentors in the program?
A: The mentors in this program are accomplished women media leaders. Mentors we have had in the past consist of CEO’s, Executive Directors, Producers, Directors, Filmmakers, Journalists and Editors.

Q: How will you be matched?
A: Mentees are assigned to mentors according to their specific line of work and what they are seeking guidance in.

Q: Where do I meet with my mentor?
A: It is required that each mentor-mentee pair have at least 3 in-person mentoring sessions throughout the nine month program, along with additional monthly contact on your platform of choice: Skype, Email, Phone, etc. The time and location of these meetings will be scheduled between the mentor-mentee pair for convenience purposes.

Q: What are the time requirements?
A: The Alison R. Bernstein Media Mentoring program requires a relatively small commitment of time over the course of nine months. On top of the required 3 in-person meetings and continual contact with their mentor, there are 3 program events where attendance is strongly recommended. Each event runs for about 2 hours, excluding transportation. We expect mentees to attend all 3 events.

Q: How do I communicate with my mentor?
A: It is important for mentees to start the first line of communication with their assigned mentor and take responsibility for continuing the communication.  Experience from the previous year showed that e-mail is the best and preferred way to contact mentors. However, for some mentor-mentee pairs phone calls have worked as well. In any case, it is a good idea to discuss this and establish shared expectations in the beginning of the mentoring relationship.