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Leadership Scholars Program


Q: What are the goals of the Program?

A: There are several program goals that we strive to achieve. These include:

  1. To offer students an opportunity to deepen their understanding of diverse models of leadership and women’s contributions to social change.
  2. To enhance students’ personal growth and leadership abilities through a concentrated academic sequence and co-curricular offerings.
  3. To provide an interdisciplinary opportunity for students to address issues specific to their chosen policy areas through an internship and the implementation of a social action project.
  4. To build relationships between students, program alumnae and the community by connecting students with women leaders through collaborative projects.
  5. To consider and critique current leadership research and practice, while drawing on the rich literature in feminist theory and women’s and gender studies to engage with ideas of intersectionality.
  6. To use feminist and gender analysis as a tool for academic research, creative production, collaborative work, and practices of social change.
Q: I am planning to study abroad in the fall or spring. Can I still apply to be in the program?

A: Yes. A number of past Scholars have studied abroad and successfully completed the program. You would adhere to a slightly different course schedule for the program depending on which semester you are away.

Q: Is it possible to juggle an honors program and the Leadership Scholars Program?

A: Yes. We make every effort to support students enrolled in other programs by allowing for double counting of classes where relevant and applicable. With effective time management, a number of current and graduated Scholars concurrently enrolled in the Rutgers or Douglass Honors Program, a departmental honors program, and/or another certificate program.

Q: I work and may not be able to attend some of the skills development workshops. Can I still apply?

A: Yes. Workshops are held at various times and days of the week, and you have two years to meet the workshop requirement. Most workshops are embedded into the seminar structure and will be easy to fulfill requirements.

Q: I am a part-time student at Rutgers. Can I still apply to be in the program?

A: Yes, as long as you are able to complete the requirements in four consecutive semesters.

Q: I'm a transfer student. Do you need a transcript from my previous college?

A: Yes. An (un)official transcript should be sent directly to the Program Director.

Q: I don't see a policy area that I would be interested in pursuing. Can I still apply?

A: Yes. There is flexibility in the policy areas of interest, and we welcome students who are either undecided on their policy area of interest or interested in a policy area other than those listed on our website. We also offer a general leadership area for students who wish to explore several areas in their coursework and practicum.

Q: I have to register for classes but don't know if I'll be accepted into the Leadership Scholars Program. What should I do?

A: The Women & Leadership course is held Tuesdays 2nd and 3rd period every fall. You should leave this slot open in your schedule if possible. If you have not already taken Women, Culture & Society or one of the other pre-requisite courses, you should plan to take that as soon as possible. The April 1 notification date will give you time to finalize your schedule before the end of the semester.

Q: Is it possible to use a letter from my soccer coach from high school for my recommendation?

A: Yes. The IWL requires you to have a recommendation from at least one professor. The second recommendation can be from someone who knows you in a different capacity like an employer, coach or volunteer supervisor. But at the same time, you should be aware that the strongest recommendation letters are often from faculty members who know your academic work.

Q: I've already taken a context course listed on your website. Do I still have to take another context course during my two years in the program?

A: No. The course satisfies the context course requirement even if you took it before being accepted into the program.

What if I took a course not listed on your website that introduced me to the issues and problems facing women's position in society. Do I still have to take another context course?

A: You have the option of petitioning to have a relevant course not already listed be accepted as your context course.

If you have a question not answered above please feel free to contact the Director, Leadership Programs and Research, Mary Trigg, at or 848-932-8456.

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