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Using the case study method, Junctures in Women's Leadership explores the diverse ways that women around the world exercise leadership, often overcoming rigid cultural and societal expectations about gender. The cases provide a unique window into the ways women leaders make decisions at critical junctures in their careers. For those who study, teach, or practice leadership, these books offer a bold and useful analysis of women's experiences and will be accompanied with an online teaching guide.


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Leading the Way: Young Women's Activism for Social Change Mary K. Trigg, Editor, Contributor,
Alison R. Bernstein Editor, Contributor

Junctures in Women’s Leadership: Social Movements
(New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2016).

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Junctures in Women’s Leadership: Social Movements, edited by Mary K. Trigg and Alison R. Bernstein
From Eleanor Roosevelt to Gloria Steinem to HIV/AIDS activist Dazon Dixon Diallo, women have assumed leadership roles in struggles for social justice. How did these remarkable women ascend to positions of influence? And once in power, what leadership strategies did they use to deal with various challenges?

Junctures in Women’s Leadership: Social Movements explores these questions by introducing twelve women who have spearheaded a wide array of social movements that span the 1940s to the present, working for indigenous peoples’ rights, gender equality, reproductive rights, labor advocacy, environmental justice, and other causes. The women profiled here work in a variety of arenas across the globe: Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, New York City labor organizer Bhairavi Desai, women’s rights leader Charlotte Bunch, feminist poet Audre Lorde, civil rights activists Daisy Bates and Aileen Clarke Hernandez, Kenyan environmental activist Wangari Maathai, Nicaraguan revolutionary Mirna Cunningham, and South African public prosecutor Thuli Madonsela. What unites them all is the way these women made sacrifices, asked critical questions, challenged injustice, and exhibited the will to act in the face of often-harsh criticism and violence.

MARY K. TRIGG is an associate professor in the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutgers University, where she serves as director of leadership programs and research at the Institute for Women’s Leadership. She is the author of Leading the Way: Young Women’s Activism for Social Change and Feminism as Life’s Work: Four Modern American Women through Two World Wars (both Rutgers University Press).

ALISON R. BERNSTEIN is a professor of history at Rutgers University, where she serves as director of the Institute for Women’s Leadership (IWL) Consortium. She is the author of several books, including Funding the Future: Philanthropy’s Influence in American Higher Education and Melting Pots and Rainbow Nations: Conversations about Difference in the United States and South Africa.


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Leading the Way: Young Women's Activism for Social Change Professor Lisa Hetfield, Editor, Contributor
Dana M. Britton Editor, Contributor

Junctures in Women’s Leadership: Business
(New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2016).

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Junctures in Women’s Leadership: Business, edited by Lisa Hetfield and Dana M. Britton
How have women managed to break through the glass ceiling of the business world, and what management techniques do they employ once they ascend to the upper echelons of power? What difficult situations have these female business leaders faced, and what strategies have they used to resolve those challenges?

Junctures in Women’s Leadership: Business answers these questions by highlighting the professional accomplishments of twelve remarkable women and examining how they responded to critical leadership challenges. Some of the figures profiled in the book are household names, including lifestyle maven Martha Stewart, influential chef Alice Waters, and trailblazing African-American entrepreneur Madame C.J. Walker. Others have spent less time in the public eye, such as Johnson & Johnson executive JoAnn Heffernan Heisen, Verizon Senior Vice President Diane McCarthy, Wells Fargo technology leader Avid Modjtabai, Xerox CEO Ursula Burns, Spanx founder Sara Blakely, inventor Jane ni Dhulchaointigh, engineering firm President Roseline Marston, Calvert Investments President and CEO Barbara Krumsiek, and Merrill Lynch executive Subha Barry. These women, from diverse backgrounds, have played important roles in their respective corporations and many have worked to improve the climate for women in male-dominated industries.

This is a book about women who are leading change in business. Their stories illuminate the ways women are using their power and positions—whether from the middle ranks or the top, whether from within companies or by creating their own companies. Each case study in Junctures in Women’s Leadership: Business includes a compelling and instructive story of how a woman business leader handled a critical juncture or crisis in her career. Not only does the book offer an inspiring composite portrait of women succeeding in the business world, it also provides leadership lessons that will benefit readers regardless of gender.

LISA HETFIELD is an associate director and director of development for the Institute for Women’s Leadership at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. She is a co-founder of several leadership programs, including the Rutgers Executive Leadership Program for Professional Women.

DANA M. BRITTON is a professor of labor studies and director of the Center for Women and Work at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. She is the author of At Work in the Iron Cage and The Gender of Crime, and is editor emerita of the journal Gender & Society.

Press Release, March 25, 2013

IWL Breaks New Ground for Case Studies
in Women’s Leadership
March 25, 2013

IWL signed a contract with Rutgers University Press to launch a book series titled “Junctures: Case Studies in Women’s Leadership.”

Alison R. Bernstein, IWL Director and Professor of History, is the series editor. The series will consist of eight volumes, with each book consisting of twelve case studies focused on a specific context.

“Case studies have a long history in the worlds of business, law, and social science. They are valuable research and teaching methods used to analyze a particular topic or person or event. But case studies focusing on women’s leadership and applying a gender lens are rare. In partnership with Rutgers University Press, our IWL consortium aims to address that underrepresentation,” announced Alison R. Bernstein.

When Harvard Business School was founded in 1908, faculty there quickly realized that there were no textbooks for their new program. Their solution to this problem was to interview business leaders and to write detailed accounts of what they were doing.

According to Mary Trigg, IWL Research Director and Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies, “Today, Harvard Business School faculty members publish 80 percent of case studies sold in the world. A quick search of the HBS publishing database revealed only fifty cases that use the word gender out of almost fifteen thousand available cases. “

Last year, with the help of Bridget Gurtler, a Rutgers PhD history student and research assistant to Alison Bernstein, IWL developed a case study called “Cecile Richards: Leading Planned Parenthood in the New Millennium.” After piloting that draft case study with IWL Leadership Scholars, Trigg and Bernstein presented their proposal for a series of case studies on women’s leadership to Rutgers University Press editor Marlie Wasserman. Together they outlined plans for the series. The books will feature a combination of well-known and emerging leaders, including living and deceased, who have lead in diverse arenas such as: politics, health, business, human rights, media, arts and culture.

The series is beginning with two volumes, one on women’s leadership for rights, which Bernstein and Trigg will co-edit, and the second on women leaders in business edited by Dana Britton, Director of the Center for Women and Work, and Lisa Hetfield, IWL Associate Director.

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