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IWL Initiatives on Educating Women Leaders

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The Educating Women Leaders initiative at the IWL stems from a National Dialogue on Educating Women's Leadership series, launched in 2000. This series and the ongoing intiative is our effort to encourage a national, ongoing conversation about the development, meaning, and social impact of women's leadership. Panel discussions have focused on best practices for educating women for leadership, reasons why we should all care about women's leadership, leadership as a collective endeavor versus an individual mission, and young women's leadership.

Selected speakers in the series to date have included global human rights scholar and activist Charlotte Bunch; physician and internationally acclaimed nuclear disarmament activist Helen Caldicott; feminist activists Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards, and distinguished scholars Deborah Gray White, M. Elizabeth Tidball, Patricia J. Williams, Ruth Mandel, and Nancy Hewitt.

Envisioning Feminist Leadership Studies:
A Collaborative Project with Barnard College’s Athena Center for Leadership Studies, and Spelman College’s Women’s Resource and Research Center

Introduction to
Guidelines for Feminist Leadership Studies

Guidelines for
Feminist Leadership Studies

This video excerpt of a roundtable discussion above includes representatives from Barnard College’s Athena Center for Leadership Studies, Spelman College’s Women’s Research and Resource Center, and Rutgers University’s Institute for Women’s Leadership, who spent three years in conversation around the topic of feminist leadership. The purpose of this session was to highlight our conversations, share our newly created “Guidelines for Feminist Leadership Studies,” and think together about the ways that feminist leadership studies might contribute to the social justice and anti-oppression mandate of women’s studies.

Janice Petrovich, Independent Scholar
Kathryn Kolbert, Barnard College
Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Spelman College
M. Bahati Kuumba, Spelman College
Mary Trigg, Rutgers University

Srilatha Batliwala, feminist activist and scholar, delivers a keynote speach at the IWL on feminist leadership for social transformation as part of the Envisioning Feminist Studies collaboration. See here for more of her publications and research.

Digitized Resources on Educating Women Leaders

Educating Women
for Leadership

Women's Leadership:
Why Should You Care?

Prior Dialogues:
Women's Education: A 21st Century Imperative

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