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Theorizing the Practice - New Book Project

Theorizing the Practice The purpose of this anthology, which will be edited by Mary S. Hartman, is to create a compelling and teachable collection of essays on women’s leadership that draws from the expertise of women faculty and staff at Rutgers University. This collection will represent the work, and learning, of members of the Institute for Women’s Leadership Consortium, which includes Douglass Residential College, the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, the Center for the American Women and Politics, the Institute for Research on Women, the Institute for Women and Art, the Center for Women’s Global Leadership, the Center for Women and Work, and the Office for the Promotion of Women in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics. Authors in this unique collection reflect upon their engagement with women’s leadership through institution building, scholarship, and policy advocacy. Other contributors examine women’s leadership programs and consider their creation, strategic practices, and contributions to the understanding and development of women’s leadership. Our contributors draw on their longtime commitment and experience to theorize women’s leadership, explore feminist leadership, and consider its future. Authors include Charlotte Bunch, Mary Hawkesworth, Ruth Mandel, Nancy Hewitt, Deborah Gray White, Eileen Appelbaum, Mary Gatta, Lisa Hetfield, Dorothy Hodgson, Mary Trigg, Patricia Roos, Debbie Walsh, Sasha Patterson, Kathleen Kleeman, and Karen White.