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Women and Leadership Bibliography

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Prepared and maintained by the Institute for Women’s Leadership Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

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FEMINIST QUESTIONS IN LEADERSHIP: Conceptual and Theoretical Considerations

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WOMEN AND POLITICS: U.S., Global Politics, and Human Rights

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IMPORTANT FIGURES: Biographies, Memoirs, and Interviews

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A Woman’s Place -- three case studies in leadership, local and global, from South Africa, the U.S. and India

Beah: a Black Woman Speaks, written & directed by Lisa Gay Hamilton; York, NY in association with HBO/Cinemax Documentary Films, distributed by Women Make Movies, 2003 (91 min.)

Black and White, directed and produced by Kirsty MacDonald, New York, distributed by Women Make Movies, 2006 (17 min.)

Belfast Girls, directed by Malin Andersson, New York, NY : Distributed by Women Make Movies, 2006 (58 min.)

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I Was a Teenage Feminist, written and directed by Therese Shechter, New York : Women Make Movies, 2005 (62 min.) (Documentary on Gloria Steinmen)

Not for Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony by Geoffrey C. Ward, PBS Video, 1999, (3 hrs 30 min.)

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Out: the Making of a Revolutionary, produced, directed, and edited by Sonja de Vries and Rhonda Collins, New York, NY : Third World Newsreel, c2000 (62 min.)

(Documetary film about Laura Whitehorn) Reds written by Warren Beatty and Trevor Griffiths, produced and directed by Warren Beatty, Hollywood, Calif. : Paramount, c1991 (195 min.)

Rough Aunties, directed by Kim Longinotto, New York, N.Y. : Women Make Movies, c2008 (103 min.)

Run Granny Run, directed by Marlo Poras, HBO Documentary Films, 2007 (78 min.)

Soraida: a Woman of Palestine, research, script and direction by Tahani Rached, New York, NY: Women Make Movies, 2004. Physical descrip: 1 videocassette (52 min.)

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Some American Feminists, writer and critic, Luce Guilbeault, New York, N.Y. : distributed by Women Make Movies, 2001, (56 min.)

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The Gender Chip Project, produced and directed by Helen De Michiel, New York, NY: Distributed by Women Make Movies, c2005 (54 min.)

The Noble Struggle directed by Elli Safari, Netherlands : NMO Broadcasting and New York, NY: Distributed by Women Make Movies, 2007 (29 min.)

The Edge of Each Other's Battles: The Vision of Audre Lorde, produced, directed written by Jennifer Abod, Profile Productions. New York, NY : Distributed by Women Make Movies, 2007, (59 min.)

The Long Walk to Freedom: Community Works, written and directed by Tom Weidlinger, Bullfrog Films, 2004 (30 min.)

The Sermons of Sister Jane: Believing the Unbelievable directed by Irving Saraf, Allie Light, Carol Monpere, New York, NY : Distributed by Women Make Movies, 2007 (53 min.)

The Vienna Tribunal: Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

Transforming Lives: Women’s Leadership Interview Project 2009-2010

Women as Citizens: Vital Voices through the Century Washington, DC: White House Millennium Council, 1999, (118 min)

Women in Struggle, produced and directed by Buthina Canaan Khoury, New York, NY: Women Make Movies, 2005, (59 min.)

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