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Your engagement makes our work possible. Volunteer your time, share your expertise, make a gift.

Alison R. Bernstein Media Mentoring Program

  • Become a mentor or mentee in the program
  • Host a workshop networking event at your organization
  • Write a feature about the program

Community Leadership, Action and Service Program (CLASP)

  • Nominate your community-based organization as a potential summer internship site
  • Share your social justice experiences in the classroom

Leadership Scholars Certificate Program

  • Supervise a Leadership Scholar as an intern at your organization
  • Advise a Social Action Project
  • Nominate a leader to be part of the Women’s Leadership Interview Archives
  • Share a professional development opportunity with our alumni

WINGS Mentoring Program

  • Become a mentor
  • Recruit your company to become a WINGS sponsor
  • Share your expertise in the classroom
  • Sponsor an event  at your organization

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Institute for Women’s Leadership
162 Ryders Lane
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8555
P: 848.932.1463

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