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Interviews make visible women’s lived experiences and contributions. Through these reflections, we discover new understandings about women's roles in transformation.

An interview with Brittney Cooper, conducted by Leadership Scholars Bhupali Kulkarni and Meera Murti

Q: Can you think of any important decision making moments in your life?
Brittney Cooper: Every day, we make choices about what kind of people we’re going to be and what our politics are going to be. If I’m any kind of leader at all, and again, by that I mean influencer, then I make choices about being willing to tell the truth.

An interview with Charlotte Bunch, conducted by Leadership Scholar Suzan Sanal

Q: What’s your vision for the future?
Charlotte Bunch: Well my vision for the future is that women will continue to take greater leadership, because I think that our world is reaching a crisis on a number of issues. Whether we’re talking about climate change in the environment, peace and security. Women need to be more active in trying to bring our experiences and our energy to these solutions.

What Makes a Leader with Abena Busia, conducted by writer and documentary producer June Cross
Opening Up the University with Cheryl Wall, conducted by writer and documentary producer June Cross


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